Everything goes somewhere

Here is the thing, I’m not a big science person, actually I am but at the same time I’m not lol. Like sometimes I read all these scientific things and facts over the internet and stuff and I marvel, and I’m so stoked and I’m so interested and all that. But in the real sense of it, like when it comes to the academic part, no no no! not my thing. I remember last year I had to take psychology, it was super super interesting up until the biological part.

Anyway I’m at it again, I have to take eco this semester, and so far so good! I’m waiting for the chemistry aspect though, so I can just tell God “unto thy hands I commit my spirit” lol that’s a little too dramatic though, but you understand!

So yea, the last lecture we had in my ecology class was particularly interesting for me, I just knew I was going to have write about it. Somehow I’m on this self-discovery journey, well a lot of people are, I guess, just that most people do nothing with the information they gather while discovering. It was first a conscious effort to learn things I like, what’s the one thing I have or can do that sets me apart e.t.c, but more and more I’m realizing it’s the most common things, that I have taken for granted that are the most interesting things.

I’ve known for the longest time, that while studying I have to write everything I’m studying, not just pointers or like jottings for review, I have to almost reproduce the text book lol, but the thing is once I do that once, I don’t have to do it again maybe only quickly review some hours before a test. Like, beside complicated theories or hypothesis or things of that nature I write a story-like example, and most times I use real life events as illustrations, that way I remember faster and easier. You know how other people use acronyms, like BODMAS and the rest, I use stories.

However this ingenuity of mine only applies to my social science and philosophy or economics related classes. I was sitting by the pond the other day, Displaying IMG_5298.JPG(p.s this is my joint!!, my inspiration bank!)

and I thought to myself, “maybe that’s why you don’t like science, because you don’t know how the law of thermodynamics or the law of acceleration and the rest relate to your life” for example look at this – “Newton’s first law of motion – sometimes referred to as the law of inertia. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” In no way, shape or form can I see how I can relate this to my everyday living.

But just because I can’t relate to it doesn’t mean it’s rubbish. Just, me personally I have to relate to something to find it interesting, it may not work that way for all human beings, I don’t know. However I have the most respect for people in the science field, where would the world be without them? We would probably still be using wooden boats to travel or something. I remember in high school we used to have all these heated debates on “science courses are better than arts courses” and “science courses are for the superior minded” or whatever lol. Everybody needs everybody period.

Low key I’ve strayed far away from my main focus lol.

So yea, this particular topic was interesting because 1) it was more understandable than usual lol and 2) i could relate it to life in general. The topic was the principles of ecology, there are quite a number of them, but I particularly connected with one principle, that being: EVERYTHING GOES SOMEWHERE. The principle is about how waste or smoke goes through a cycle and leads to complications in the future blah blah blah. Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg <—the note that sparked the thought!

I thought about when I say things carelessly. For instance, it’s a cold day out or the sky is looking grey and I randomly say “it’s looking like it’s going to be a terrible day” ask me 3 hours later I probably don’t remember I said that. But the fact that I don’t remember or I said it carelessly doesn’t nullify the potency of that statement, it disappears from sight or from memory, but is definitely still hanging there, somewhere in the atmosphere and may just manifest at the wrong time.

I do this thing, well I just started, where I speak things into the atmosphere. I say things like “nothing is going to upset me today” or “I’m not going to have too much sugar today” It seems dumb to just randomly say these things when its not in prayer, but just putting it out there randomly is almost as effectve, really! or maybe it works because I believe so much in what I’m saying, because sometimes its not so much the words but the belief backing the words being said.

And not even just words now, our thoughts also contribute to our becoming. A wise fellow once told me, “you think a certain way too long, you become what you think.’’ How do we get to thinking?  by what we see, what we read, what we feed our minds, what we surround ourselves with. People say surround yourself with who you want to be like or positive energy e.t.c. I’ve always thought of it as cliché and taken these things so lightly, up until recently.

Recently I had a little encounter with watching horror movies, for all my life I’ve avoided them because I don’t want to be afraid for no reason. However I said let me just start watching a few, I mean, other people watch it! how badly can it really affect me? big girls dont cry! lol. And before I knew what was happening it started working on my mind, everything started scaring me for real. In the bus or train or whatever if someone puts their hand in the pocket of their hoodie for too long, all the horrific scenes just rush into my mind, or if i’m home alone and I hear the door move!! Prior to this adventure of mine I never used to be unnecessarily alarmed, but I let into my system. One thinks after one has watched these things, that’s the end… but no! it goes into your subconscious and resides there, for some it may be having weird dreams afterwards, but for me it created unnecessary fear. Now if that’s your thing, I mean..Do you! But me.. I know myself, I don’t have the heart or time to habor such things in my system.

The same thing with food, with relationships, with literally everything. It’s just one of those cycles of life, nothing just comes out and disappears or goes in and disappears, it may leave your sight but out of sight doesn’t mean non existent!  Guard yourself carefully, you are the custodian, gatekeeper, bodyguard of yourself, be at alert what you let in and out of your mind and mouth because EVERYTHING GOES SOMEWHERE.

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