When to start doing “IT”

Howdy folks! Hope you all are having a great December so far! Me, I’ve just been buried in my books, as a studious kid you know! haa (but thank goodness it’s Christmas break)..and yea I’ve been getting my work out on and stuff :), getting that summer bod ready and things haaaa!!.. how I dragged myself to a gym after months of procrastination is a testimony for another day! Thank goodness,I’m seeing the results of putting in work, though a bit slower than I’d like, I can’t complain!

So, I did some homework on this whole blogging situation and I’ve been quite unsure or should I say agitated about what to post and how people will receive my opinions, Or if people will even get to see it in the first place. There are a thousand and one great blogs out there, what could I possibly write that will set me apart; do I make the posts grandiose? on controversial topics? So many questions I haven’t even answered! But I will start anyway. It’s all about making a first step right?

Speaking of first steps and new starts, it’s 12 days to the beginning of a “new year”, and being that my birthday falls somewhere around this time, it’s supposed to evoke a sense of “you’re starting another ‘chapter’; you need to get your stuff together.” But rather, I find myself asking, why does it take a new year or a new age or a new anything, to feel the need to resolve to change, if indeed we know there are things we’d rather have a different way than they are, why then do we wait till its a new *inserts time period?

I guess the reasons differ from person to person. [pause and think: why haven’t I started *insert task*?]

In any case, I’ll talk about myself and why I chose to wait to take action.

I was unhappy or should i say dissatisfied, for several reasons, of which I’ll discuss extensively in time to come. However a major “excuse” for my unhappiness was being far away from a lot of things I’m used to and love. Watching movies and YouTube videos, in fact the internet generally became my whole social life! Because it sort of helped me teleport in my mind and be subconsciously where I wanted to be. I chose to isolate myself on some very shallow basis. Do you remember Jaden’s character in karate kid(2010)?Displaying IMG_5304.JPG <—story of my life most days! Okay, maybe not as dramatic but.. you get!

“I have my friends from back home and soon I’ll reunite with them” I would say, (meanwhile these friends are out there living their lives, doing their thing, meeting new people and all that) “just let me finish college I’m out of here the next day” – my most famous line from last year! And I was even only a freshman then! Imagine lol. I can go on and on about my complaints at the time. I was so deep in my wishful thoughts and living in haste of a future(that’s not promised). [And I heard ’em say, nothin ever promised tomorrow today *kanye voice] y’all remember that song?? if you’ve never heard it..whattt??  go get it or at least listen, “Heard ’em say -Kanye West” you’ll be happy you did!

Okay so back to the matter, Now that I think about it, I must say it is just so pathetic. Waiting for an event to trigger me to take action. It’s like assuming an alarm clock can get you up and prepared for your day! It does its job of making the most disturbing noise known to man, but left to you is the decision to get up, get dressed and go about your business. Can one choose to get up before their alarm goes off? Absolutely! {my point exactly} (coming from a chronic sleeper though, that response is quite audacious) 

Is it better in the long run to wake up earlier than the alarm clock?

Is it easier to resolve to, or actually wake up?

Displaying Squaready20141219145234

Yes, so that’s the 1st of January, it is that alarm clock, it’ll do its job of notifying you that the earth has completed another orbit around the sun, as it has done for the past 4.5 billion years or so now, and that’s it! Are there complimentary motivational quotes or bottles of Gatorade that come in to get you going you everyday after that?…. didn’t think so either!

I’m pretty sure we’ve all started  writing down or making mental notes of what’s going to be different “next year”, how we’ll all be sexy as Halle berry (P.S I’m obsessed with her) or Captain America, as the case may be. How we’ll be about that fit life, how we’ll be more this and more that. However, I’m sorry to break it to you, but.. there’s no super natural power that comes with the date “1st of January” (or whatever your set time) to enable you do these things you plan so “strategically” to “start doing”, whatever is going to drive you then, can as well start the car already and zoom on off!

Don’t be the unrealistic lad making new year resolutions! make a next hour resolution, a new day resolution. Don’t get me wrong now, I don’t advocate disorganization or lack of planning, Nothing in this world is exempted from going through process, and process takes time, those who play sports or instruments or are into any craft will know better than anyone that developing one’s skill and futhermore, attaining expertise, is a process, one that takes time. So I think it’s amazing to set goals and put a time limit. My concern here is starting. 

I decided to take my life/happiness in my hands sometime in October. Oh wait! I didn’t give another reason; another reason for my delay in taking action is: having made the basis for my actions other people and provisional things. -single worst decision of my life!! However that changed. I started doing things for me, seeing the beauty in difference, being more accommodating, stopped depressive eating and hence putting on weight I didn’t need, started a health conscious lifestyle, and most importantly, I started appreciating the littlest things! I know it’s so cliché but honestly, that singular action can literally turn your life around. I’m literally in the best space of my life right now, because.. APPRECIATION for the most minuscule things!

Of course I had people who will say “why is it when the year is already packing up you decide to ….”I just look at such fellows with pity and think “oh foolish Galatians… you make as little use of reason as those who have none…” haa!!

At this point I’d like to say, I love you for sticking around this long, considering, people now a days have little patience or interest in beneficial things. Under normal circumstances I’m super secretive with my life, feelings, experiences e.t.c especially emotionally but in hope to help at least one person, I share.. y’all better be inspired or else, haha I joke.. But no, really make it a point to start your change of: life, habit, whatever! as soon as possible; don’t let a mere date be the hindrance to becoming the best you!


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