Hello world!

Well, well, hello there! Welcome to my humble abode lol! It would be proper for me to start by introducing myself and giving a little insight on my life and why i decided to blog.. but not to worry, in subsequent posts you’ll get to know all about me, my life, my problems, my joys, everything!!

I’m a big reading person 🙂 of both books and blogs, but i reckon everyone isn’t like me, so I’ll try to make my posts as objective, thought provoking(as regards certain issues) and as hearty as possible(not too much unnecessary big words, too much of those get annoying -_-).  All posts on here are my opinions and thoughts, open for debate of course!.. If you have a problem with it, come see me!! lool, I kid! But really, feel free to comment if you have any additions, critics, views, anything! albeit opposing, I’ll be sure to reply and stuff.

As you can already tell, it’s nothing too formal around here, so yea.. get a glass of orange juice, a stack of pancakes  and enjoy!


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